As a drummer/percussionist, songwriter, producer, engineer, arranger and composer Chuck Palmer has performed and recorded with a myriad of artists including Foreigner, Gil Goldstein, RJD2, Frank Ocean (Channel Orange), Foreinger, Zayn Malik, Cellogram, Dr. Ralph Stanley, The City And Horses, John Patitucci, Earwig, Five For Fighting, Amber Rubarth, Waway Saway with the Talaandig Tribe, and Amy Lee of Evanescence.

Chuck is a founding member of a new duo project with cellist Dave Eggar called Cellogram. The duo released an EP in the summer of 2018 entitled "Cellogram EP" which features collaborations with Amy Lee and K'Noup, Philippines vocalist Nyko Maca, Jamaican signer Brian Gold and the Kingston Collective, as well as with their original Appalachian live band project Holler Jake.

Fresh off of an exhilerating 2018 summer tour with Cellogram (opening for Evanescence and Lindsey Stirling), Chuck currently has been performing internationally with the legendary rock band Foreigner. Chuck, along with Dave Eggar and Mick Jones recently completed the orchestral arrangements featured on Foreigner's latest chart topping 2018 CD/DVD release "Foreigner live with the 21st Century Orchestra and Chorus". Chuck continues to perform with Foreigner as Orchestral Percussionist and Conductor around the world.

Chuck is a producer and collaborator on Amy Lee's first solo record "Aftermath feat. Dave Eggar" (2014) from which “Dark Water feat. Malika Zarra" won an Independent Music Award for best World Beat Song (2015). Palmer is a regular touring drummer with legendary producer RJD2, and co-produced Dave Eggar's Grammy-nominated release Kingston Morning (2010). He is songwriter ("Follow Me To The Sun"), vocalist, drummer and a founding member of The Dave Eggar Band. "Jonan", a track from Eggar's 2011 release Deoro: XX (produced by Chuck), won the Independent Music Award fan vote for best World Beat Song. Chuck is a composer on films including Mark Jackson’s “War Story” (Sundance 2014), “Destiny”, “Same Difference” (Best Documentary at AFME 2015), Hammerstep’s award winning short film “Indigo Grey”, “I Am Her” and “Blind”. Chuck's self produced solo album Waiting On The Rain was released in 2013.  

Palmer is also a core collaborator and board member of Sibylle Szaggars Redford’s multi disciplinary environmental awareness project “The Way Of The Rain”, which features live spoken word by Robert Redford. For this project, Chuck can be found playing Vibraphone, Drums, Tympani, Percussion and live environmental Sound Design. Palmer uses the sounds of the natural environment to aid in the projects goal to inspire people to look at the serious environmental issues effecting our planet today, and to take action. 

Chuck recently produced Anonymous Elder’s 2016 release: “Liminal Currents: Exploration of an Empathic Umwelt”, a 43 minute sound design loop created for the sculptural installation designed and directed by renowned artist Matthew Gray Palmer. The piece is composed of local found sounds from the San Juan Islands as well as Orca Whale songs collected from the Lime Kiln hydrophone network (used with permission www.orcasound.net). The installation was presented at the San Juan Island Museum of Art during the summer of 2015, and invited participants to immerse themselves in an art space desinged to experience empathy with underwater marine life.

As a recording and mixing engineer at Frontside 180 Studios, Chuck’s credits include select tracks from Amy Lee’s “Aftermath”, Phillip Phillip’s “The World From The Side Of The Moon”, Dave Eggar’s Kingston Morning and Deoro:XX, Arian Saleh’s “Undone”, Chuck Palmer's "Waiting On The Rain", The Exeter Popes’ “Deep Sea Treachery”, Hammerstep’s short film “Indigo Grey” and many more. Chuck is also an accomplished beat programmer.

As an arranger, Palmer has collaborated with legendary composer/cellist/pianist Dave Eggar on hundreds of string arrangements ranging from artist including Lulu Gainsbourg, Frank Ocean, Folk Soul Revival, Roger Waters, Norah Jones, OAR, Time For Three, The Hot Sardines, Cromeo, Phillip Phillips and RJD2. 

Chuck was raised in Columbus, Ohio where he graduated from Capital University with a B.M. degree in Percussion Performance under Robert Breithaupt and Eric Paton. As an artist/educator he has served as a teaching fellow at Lincoln Center's Meet the Artist, a composer in residence for National Young Arts, a resident artist/educator for Quad City Arts and Pro-Art Virginia and an artistic ambassador in Mindanao, Philippines. 


A more exhaustive list of artists that Chuck has recorded and/or performed with:Foreinger, Elizabeth Chan, Holler Jake, Echosmith, Lulu Gainsbourg, Tony Scherr, Gil Goldstein, Luciano, RJD2, Frank Ocean, Thirdstory, Phillip Phillips, Malay, Sussan Deyhim, Sasha Lazard, Evanescence, The Exeter Popes, Sylvie Mix, Katie Costello, Sly Dunbar, Holly Brook, Lucy Woodward, Brendan Muldowney, Robert Redford, Matthew Gray Palmer, Amy Lee, Rachael Sage, The City and Horses, Jay Newland, Bob Kinkle, Zayn Malik, Caitlin Moe, Soulfarm, Billy Martin, Amanda Ruzza, Nancy Magaril, Heather Holley, Noah Wall, Adam Cohen, Max ZT, Maika Melinda Carter, Greg Wattenberg, Lucia Micarelli, Itaal Shur, The Villa Lobos Brothers, Dave Eggar, Blackout Holiday, Deadgrass, Earwig, Arnett Howard's Creole Funk Band, Handel Tucker, Amine, Brian Gold, The Insane Warrior, Dina Fanai, Thirdstory, Somi, Stephanie Wallace, The Clouds, Morley, Electro Estate, Robin and Linda Williams, Blue Massive, Semaj, Clive Hunt, Estranged Estates, Attack Theater, Dorothea Tachler, Time For Three, Waway Saway and the Talaandig Tribe, Nyko Maca, Maya Days, Yumbambe Salsa Jazz, Sinosikat, Jay Newland, C Lanzbom, Radioactive Sago Project, The Ivy Leauge Hillbillies, Drip, Michael Rose of Black Uhuru, Matthew Rosenblum, Nick Stump, Will Calhoun, Five For Fighting, Molly Slemp, Phillip Hamilton, Gio, Deadgrass, The Hot Sardines, Amy Lee, Alex Skolnick, Megan Palmer, The Shul Band of New York, Walrus Ghost, John Patitucci, Philippe Quint, Tyler Hughes, Rebekah Del Rio, Randy Wolf, Daniel Darwin, Oh Cassius!, Elliot Sharp, Medicine Woman, Alex Wong, Icebird, Kate Torralba, Hammerstep, Coke Bolipata and the Pundaquit Orchestra, Susyn Timko, Seth Glier, Ryan Hommel, Junior Marvin, Imagin Dragons, Arian Saleh, Amber Rubarth, The Craig Street Ramblers, Tim Snider, Margarita Hatzinassiou, Margonancyfor, Paula Cole, The Way Of The Rain, Breaking Benjamin, Cromeo, My Favourite Things, OAR, Roger Waters, Ron Saint Germain, Espionge and more!