Drums / Percussion

On drums / percussion :

Earwig "Mayfeeder"

Earwig "Bored In Chicago"

Earwig "Perfect Past Tense" (select tracks)

The Exeter Popes "Deep Sea Treachery"

The City And Horses "I Don't Want To Dream" (9 tracks)

The City And Horses "We Will Never Be Discovered"

The City And Horses "Strange Range"

The Insane Warrior (RJD2) "We Are The Doorways" ("Thrust And Gain" and "Saint Ignatius Belsse" only)

RJD2 "More Is Than Isn't" ("Suite 2" only)

Amy Lee "Aftermath"

Matthew Rosenblum "Circadian Ryhthms" ("Circadian Rhythms" only)

Chuck Palmer "Waiting On The Rain"

Dave Eggar "Kingston Morning"

Dave Eggar "Deoro: XX"

Estranged Estates "October EP"

Walrus Ghost "Uplifting Themes For The Naysayer" (select tracks)

Arian Saleh "Undone" (6 tracks)

Rebekah Del Rio "Love Hurts Love Heals" (select tracks)

Oh, Cassius "On Such A Full Sea We Are Now Afloat" (4 tracks)

The Way Of The Rain "Earth Won"

Amber Rubarth "Sessions From The 17th Ward"

Philip Phillips "The World From The Side Of The Moon" ("Thriller" only)

Phillip Philips "Behind The Light" ("Face" only)